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‚Spheres‘ review from NYC


Now – click on the pics, listen to the music and read some comments if you like
– here on the featured tune ‚Waters of Life‘


Dex Quire, Seattle / USA, 6.10.2015, via Soundcloud:
„… I keep wondering why you don’t have your own TV variety show
in Germany…you play well with ensemble and varied instruments
and styles all very much in your own way….your Seattle fan!!!
When are you coming to Seattle???!!“

Mitsutoshi Kiyono, Tokyo / Japan, 19.9.2014, via Soundcloud:
„So fantastic and beautiful tune. Amazing guitar playing!“

Mys Uemura, Tokyo / Japan, 4.9.2014, via Soundcloud:
„What a great technique! You are a great musician!“

Feedinggoats (Michael Hafftka)
, New York / USA, 28.7.14, via SC:
„awesome powerful playing!“

Musicaserj (Serge)
, France, 6.7.2014, via Soundcloud:
„magnifique !“ / „total respect ! total top ! total talent!“

Cathrinta (Catherine Inta)
, France, 23.6.2014, via Soundcloud:
„You’re an amazing guitarist … Thank you Axel … Wonderful …
It touches me deeply.“

Mike Davis
, Brooklyn / USA, 9.6.2014, via Soundcloud:
„I hope we play together someday.“

Gianni Fuga
, Rome / Italy, 6.3.2014, via Soundcloud:
„one word: superlative!!“

Boris Valleck, Playa del Carmen / Mexico, 16.2.2014, via Soundcloud:
„thanks for sharing Bon Voyage, big master“

Charlie H. Russell, Plano (Texas) / USA, 12.2.2014, via Soundcloud:
„Axel you are a God to me and the world … Everything is so wonderful …
you make me want to get better everyday.“

Oscar Gonzalez Diez, London / Britain, 3.2.2014, via Soundcloud:
„No room here for more comments, not surprised.. is a beautiful one.
I’m a sucker for brazilian guitar and yours is so tasteful :)“

Fernando Lisboa, Santa Cruz /CA,USA, 6.12.2013, via FreeJazzForum fb:
„You are a superb guitar player Axel. And a wonderful composer to boot!
My respects!!“

Andrew Yannik (’soundpainter‘), Ajax / Canada, 5.12.2013, via Soundcloud:
„beautiful transition into latin jazz improv …. both tracks are great here …
the solo playing reminds me of Larry Coryell-:) ….. well done! love this –
peace from Canada!-:)“

Gary Courtland-Miles (‚AnomonRA‘), Canada, 21.11.2013, via Soundcloud:
„You da MAN Axel. Our day will come sir. Indeed .. it be already here ..
But when we realize this thing of beauty .. the Music we make will confirm
this beautiful reality ! Cheers .. and WELL DONE !!!! … hey man….what can
I say! 😀 simply L.O.V. yer Flow bro. :-))))) Play on Axel … play on ! ;-)“

David Mackenzie, Inverness / Scotland, 19.9.13, via SoundCloud:
“JC would be proud of you, Axel.”

Daniel Calabro, Australia, 20.9.13, via SoundCloud:
.. very nice mate – great dissonance in those chords, well captured by
a lovely recurring too – organic tone. thanks axel – it takes a while to
scour through the vast ocean of stuff on soundcloud – and it’s great when
you hit an artist you appreciate … thanks for being there to be found 🙂

Gary Reeves, London / Britain , 18.9.13, via SoundCloud:
“Such great technique and passion … a joy”

Shai Agmon, Israel, 15.9.2013, via SoundCloud:
“beautiful phrasing! very intense feel, love your leads! amazing stuff!”

Barry Snaith (‚Inconsistent Jukebox‘), Wakefield / GB, 5.9.13, via Soundcloud:
„What astounding opening chords.“
„Well, no.. what astounding chords full stop (‚period‘ as the americans say).
I’m a guitarist and I can’t figure out what you’re playing. It’s BRILLIANT! „
Truly fabulous. Maybe the best I’ve heard for a long while.“ …

Libero Barontini Buddusossu, Italy, 28.8.13, via Soundcloud:
„Questo cambio e‘ eccezionale. Per non parlare della tecnica del solista …“
„Questa chitarra e‘ meravigliosa. Musicista eccezionale. Eja“

Mario Scala (‚Ariosca‘), High Wycombe / Britain, 5.8.13, via Soundcloud:
„BELLISSIMO … superb choice of chords and notes…always … BRAVISSIMO“

Dawn’ / ‘Musicisgreat4thesoul’, Britain, 28.7.13, via Fandalism:
“You make your guitar sound and be like poetry in motion .. alluring,
breathtaking .. speechless and dreamy .. as well as profound and peace
and quite .. Axel you are talented beyond words .. to be able to play like that ..
unspoken words out loud ..”

Robyn Youlten, Melbourne / Australia, 28.7.13, via Soundcloud:
„Excellent piece Axel – your phrasing is perfect … I love the spaciousness
and clarity … your work around and through the chords,delightful soloing …“

Vicente Bueso (‚Science Teheran‘), Sevilla / Spain, 22.1.13, via SC:
„What a magnificient musician and guitarist .“

Shauna-Kay Hamilton, Kingston / Jamaica, 15.1.13, via Soundcloud:
“ .. these chords are just beautiful 🙂 the voicings just gorgeous ..“

Utu Lautturi, Porvoo / Finland, 15.1.2013, via Soundcloud:
„Exquisite playing. Skillful and with style. Respect!“

Mark Bennett, Edinburgh / Britain, 8.1.2013, via SoundCloud:
„Spectacularly good. Thanks for sharing this Axel. Best wishes, Mark“

Milana Zilnik, Ottawa / Canada, 8.1.2013, via SoundCloud:
„Stunning ballad and most wonderful improvisation on the theme :))“

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / India, 1.1.2013, via fb/SC:
„Vital and Free .. A worthy heartfelt tribute to the content tranquil Naima .. as it
progresses into a glorious, timeless celebration of life….reflecting its myriad
colours .. resplendent in all its vibrant moods….restoring vitality and energy to
all with its musical flow and caress“

Werner Büsch, Emsdetten / Germany, 18.12.12, via fb:
„Great stuff! This is music with a soul.“

Milana Zilnik, Ottawa / Canada, 18.12.12, via SoundCloud:
„What an amazing playing, Axel … wow … so passionate, so emotional and

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norway, 16.12.2012, via fb / soundcloud:
„Dear Axel, what a wonderful dedication to John Coltrane. The first part is
wonderful sensitive, pure as gold, in peace, Waters of Life. The second part
is wonderful in its joy, powerful and strong, joyful In a very beautiful way.
Thank you for magic music, love and respect from Oslo, Oddrun :)“

Unni Skurdal, Hedmark / Norway, 18.12.2012, via fb:
„Ohh .. it’s wonderful, poetic and tender ..“

Helena Paglia Rios, Montevideo / Uruguay, 16.12.2012, via fb:
„Really a beautiful work my dear soulbrother, I love it ! So sensitive, pure,
magical … you are a great musician, full of creativity and magic !“


New tunes:

„Afro Brazil Alchemy“ – solo 

„Ok .. your Waltz“ – solo

„Drauf gepfiffen“ – solo

„Celebration“ – solo 

„Tangerein“ – solo

„Quintus“ – solo




„Beijos de verão“ 

„Blue Sun Strings (duo)“


„DOSSIER No. 2b“ – Duo with Trian Kayhatu (Rotterdam/
Netherlands) on vocals, keyboards, percussion, composing

(listen and read on Soundcloud)



THX to SoundCloud for the great support – and for the SCOTD:


Some comments on „Thanksgiving Bossa“(Cheryl Pyle and Axel Weiss):

Vicente Bueso (‚Science Teheran‘), Sevilla / Spain, 5.12.2013, via Soundcloud:
„Another gem from you both, I recommend to listen with headphones.
Amazing natural sound.“

Öystein Jörgensen, Norway, 5.12.2013, via Soundcloud:
„Very well played,and a very well produced track,wonderful collaboration.“

Gianni Fuga, Rome / Italy, 5.12.2013, via Soundcloud:
„A pleasure to listen !!!! wonderful you two guys here !!“

GALINA, Great Britain, 1.12.2013, via Soundcloud:
„Isn’t the flute with the guitar just such a …human sound. 🙂 It just works… 🙂
.. Nice. Good work by both. :)“

Michael Klatte (‚music, that touches‘), Bonn, 30.11.2013, via Soundcloud:
„Was soll man hierzu sagen! Professionelles Stück!!! Geile Komposition
mit Witz und Tempo!! Richtig gut! Tolle Instrumentalisten.“

Gary Reeves (‚Mountain Songs‘), London / GB, 30.11.2013, via Soundcloud:
„The dream team strike again…outstanding work, both of you.“

Catherine Inta, Brive / France, 30.11.2013, via Soundcloud:
„We don’t know thanksgiving in France, but I know good and expressive music ! 🙂
Cheryl, your flute is magic, as usual. And I hear freedom of Axel … An extremely
enjoyable time for the ears and soul.! Thank you to Cheryl and you!“

Some comments on „One for the Spirits“ (Cheryl Pyle and Axel Weiss)

Diederik de Jonge, Ubud / Indonesia, 21.11.2013, via Soundcloud:
„Quite an amazing collaboration. Love the way the moods change. Lots to
keep the ears and mind busy. Very enjoyable :)“

Jaime J. Ross, USA, 21.11.2013, via Soundcloud:
„I love the blending of the guitar and the flute…at times it felt a bit manic….and
at times very peaceful…just as life is…wonderful blending of talents…great work
by both of you! :)“

James-Lee Fortier (‚irunac‘), Quebec / Canada, 12.11.2013, via Soundcloud:
„Excellent combination and playing, impressive textures“

Johnny G. (’sitting wave‘), New York City / USA, 12.11.2013, via Soundcloud:
„nice duo collaboration… and the art in the video is really beautiful… I love the
deep closeups.“

Michael Klatte (‚music, that touches‘), Bonn, 12.11.2013, via Soundcloud:
„Ich finde die Sachen so geil, die du gerade so machst!! Das ist die pure
Rebellion gegen das Diktat der Form. Juut!“ … „Und dann hört man immer
wieder die Segnungen einer guten Technik. Schöner Ansatz der Flöte und
coole Arpeggios! Sauber! !“

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norway, 8.11.2013, via Soundcloud:
„Dear Cheryl, dear Axel. It`s Music and Freedom. It`s artistic and creative.It`s
two musical minds and souls. Congrats with your impressive collab. my dear
friends. Best to you both, and to the spirit of free music. 🙂 You are both great,
respect! I enjoyed, all the way, from beginning till the end :)“

Vicente Bueso (‚Science Teheran‘), Sevilla / Spain, 8.11.2013, via Soundcloud:
„It is risky upload a composition of 12-minute improvisation. But here I am,
stunned and absorbed by you and Cheryl. My thanks to both for this beauty
and genius that have achieved together. music in its purest form, primitive,
sensory. A guitar track and a wind, mingling again and again. You should be
proud of both by the result.“ … „This is 2 improvisations the price of 1… the
connection you have musically is PERFECT.“

Some comments on „A Pleasure“(Cheryl Pyle and Axel Weiss):

Rik van den Hurk (’soulmetricsystem‘), Eindhoven / Netherlands,
9.10.13, via Soundcloud:
„So pure, honest and humble music“ / „Wauw Axel, very very nice piece
love the way you build this composition and goosebumps for the played
instruments :-)“

Andreas (‚Seelensack‘), Dresden / Germany, 8.10.13, via Soundcloud:
„Played with the greatest of ease, magnificent creation, Cheryl and Axel!!!“

Derek Cornett, Oceanside / California / USA, 8.10.13, via SoundCloud:
„Wonderful musicianship and tune Axel… Cheryl does have a wonderful
ease and flow to her improvisation!!!“

Vicente Bueso (‚Science Teheran‘), Sevilla / Spain, 8.10.13, via SC:
„I love the sound mix. Very naturally. As in most of your work.“
„A delight. The final part of Cheryl is tremendous. And every guitar
riffs, effects. It is a magical track. How did you do it? It seems completely
live, that the two together are you playing at once. It is spectacular“

Michael Klatte (‚music, that touches‘), Bonn / Germany, 7.10, via SC
„Da ist schon der Anfang so schön, daß man sich hineinfallen läßt! Toll!“
„Ihr sprecht wunderbar miteinander! Schöne Zusammenarbeit! Tolle

Darren Chilton (’spectrum one‘), Ebina / Japan, 7.10., via Soundcloud:
„Awesome guitars and flute :):):)“

Michael Herndon (‚MoodyMo‘), Dubai / Arabia, 7.10., via Soundcloud:
„Excellent guitar playing…“ / „I love Cheryl’s flute! Right mix of breath
and tone, she has…“ / „Fantastic!“

KellyAnne, Philadelpia / USA, 7.10.13, via Soundcloud:
„This was wonderful to listen to… so creative, so happy, and such skill
from both of you. As always, Axel, a pleasure indeed.“

Henry Koek, Aups / France, 7.10.13, via Soundcloud:
„A real pleasure to listen such a great combination. Kant would have
left his house“

Mónica Falco, Buenos Aires / Argentinia, 7.10.13, via Soundcloud:
„Ohh, this is really such a pleasure!!!!! Wonderful work!!! Love it! :)“

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norway, 7.10.13, via Soundcloud:
„What a wonderful Pleasure dear Cheryl and Axel:)) So full of life and joy
and its like the purest magic joy:))) Thank you thank you both of you.You
are great musicians and you make some beautiful music for us all to listen:)“

Mario Scala (‚Ariosca‘), High Wycombe / Britain, 7.10.13, via SoundCloud:
„Great musicians at work, only one result. MAGNIFIQUE“

Some comments on „Light„(Oddrun Eikli and Axel Weiss)“:

Kelly Anne, Philadelphia / USA, 17.9.13, via SoundCloud:
„Whenever I listen to a collaboration between you and Oddrun, I *feel*
lighter afterwards. What a perfect song for that feeling you create so well!“

Vicente Bueso (‚Science Teheran‘), Sevilla / Spain, 17.9.13, via SoundCloud:
„Just heard the track on Oddruns page, I come to talk to you about here, dear
Axel, you carry the two work together exceptional. And that each collaboration
exceeds your previous. And that’s not easy. Beautiful track, full of light, color,
nature, love. With a tremendous production. Including the voice of Oddrun ..
Congratulations to both.“

Glen Washington, Oswego / USA, 16.9.13, via SoundCloud:
„Phenomenal work you two. It is very easy for one element to overpower the
other. This does not happen here. Beautifully balanced, excellently performed.
Soothing, jazzy and just great.“

Michel Martineau, Gatineau / Canada, 15.9.2013, via SoundCloud:
„Speechless! touched! and stunned! Simply Wonderful!“
„The perfect match of great talented musicians! What a beautiful synergy
of soul ! So much space for us to dream in this enjoyable piece of art!“

Daniel Lockhart, Carmel / USA, 15.9.2013, via SoundCloud:
„Simply beautiful, I have no other words to describe it.“
„Beautiful guitar, wonderful guitar… perfect.“

Colin Crighton, Consett / Britain, 15.9.2013, via SoundCloud:
„This is wonderful, love the vocal tone and the subtle strings backing up
that fine guitar… gorgeous :)“

Mark Bennett, Edinburgh / Britain, 16.9.2013, via SoundCloud:
„Hi Oddrun and Axel, my ears feel as though they have been caressed by
this gentle bossa nova sound. Another sweet collaboration from you both.
Stunning harmonies and just a perfect balance of voice and instrumentation.
Love this post. Thanks coming to you in Norway and Germany. Best wishes,

Milana Zilnik, Ottawa / Canada, 16.9.2013, via SoundCloud:
„Your songs are always so full of soaring ethereal light 🙂 Calm, relaxing
and absolutely enchanting!“ – via You Tube: “ 🙂 Enchanting song. Just
adore this feel in all your songs with Oddrun! And a wonderful artwork!“

Bas Kooman (Heb Ik Jou Daar), Netherlands, 15.9.2013, via SoundCloud:
„Beautiful song and magnificent guitar Axel! :-)“

Tomas Stanko (Thoribass), Czech Republic, 15.9.2013, via SoundCloud:
„Wonderful and amazing collab, so pleasant and optimistic with delicate
rhythm and melody. Great!“

Catherine Brive, France, 15.9.2013, via SoundCloud:
“ Tu as raison Axel. Oddrun a une voix magnifique! Personne ne chante
comme elle! Velouté, limpide et pure. Merci pour ce petit joyau de lumière“

Libero Barontini Buddusossu, Italy, 15.9.2013, via SoundCloud:
„Accordi e voce meravigliosi“
„Composizione straordinaria per come siete riusciti a fondere la voce con
la chitarra. Eccezionale. Tutti d’accordo: Eja Eja Eja“

Helena Paglia Rios, Montevideo / Uruguay, 15.9.2013, via fb music:
„Thank you both,dear souls! Your music is always a joy for my soul!
I love this song full of light, it touches my heart so deep,thanks for the
magic, love you both!!! <3 “

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norway, 15.9.2013, via SoundCloud:
„Dearest Axel. Thank you so much trusting me this wonderful track you
posted me. It could be nothing else then a song about light. Thank you so
much for all the music you have given me for years now to play with, for the
joy, and for friendship. I have learned so much from you and must thank
you for that too. Lots of love from Oslo this rainy afternoon…we have light
and sun in music. oddrun.“

Some comments on „Afri Latino Rabialsh (Moody Mo and Axel Weiss)“:

Vicente Bueso (‚Science Teheran‘), Sevilla / Spain, 19.9.13, via SC:
„This is a monumental piece of jazz. God, what a production and
instrumental delicacy. This to me is on another level. Very high.
High quality, spontaneity and genius. You are a master. Wonderful
Brian Reeves, London / Britain , 19.9.13, via SoundCloud:
„Axel, that’s almost too good“

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / India, 23.8.2013, via SoundCloud):
„Invigorating music and intoxicating rhythm..entices even the Sun to come
out of the rainy shine in tune and dance merrily on the raindrops.. “
„Sheer exhilaration..evokes the brilliance of a sunrise..making our soul sway
to the pulsating rhythm..“

Werner Büsch, Emsdetten / Germany, 23.8.13, via SoundCloud:
„Mo and Ax, what a great Duo … pure energy! FANTASTIC track!“

Barry Snaith (‚Inconsistent Jukebox‘), Wakefield / GB, 23.8.13, via SC:
„Oui. Incroyable! And beautifully controlled. Great work from Mo, tho. Yo.
‚High volume‘ has been obeyed.“

Chicago_Word_Brigade, Chicago / USA, 23.8.13, via SoundCloud:
„this drives me absolutely crazy it’s so good…the big band duo…killer…faved“

Michel Martineau, Quebec / Canada, 23.8.13, via SoundCloud:
„Great solo! It sounds like a live rendition with the studio sound! Sounds great!“

Serge Brive, France, 23.8.13, via Soundcloud:
„II incroyable guitare !“

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norway, 23.8.13, via SoundCloud:
„I love this music from the first chord. Its so full of lovely life:)) It`s a great funky
groove that give away some good happiness. Thank you so much for sharing
this happy musical joy with us all dear Axel and Moody : I am a huge fan:))“

Darren Chilton, Winnipeg / CA / USA, 23.8.13, via SoundCloud:
„Awesome music, loved what you added with guitar ! :):)“

Some comments on „Extremely Sexy Music“ (new german free jazz)
– Uwe Juchum, Frank Wilke, Henner Gräf, Axel Weiss:

Libero Barontini Buddusossu, Italy, 28.8.13, via SoundCloud:
„Scusatemi per avervi causato un „mal di testa“ scrivendo in italiano. Spero
che il traduttore di google renda l’idea di quanto ho cercato di esprimere qui
sopra. Musicalita (prima classe), composizioni (prima classe)….potrei continuare per ore. E‘ stato un gran piacere sentire questo lavoro. Eja CIAO“

Mario Lino (‚Aariosca‘), Lomdon / Britain, 15.8.13, via Soundcloud:‘
„Oh yeahhh … fantastic intro here … this is free alright. Really enjoyed
listening to your work guys … FANTASTIQUE“

Vicente Bueso (‚Science Teheran‘), Sevilla / Spain, 4.9.13, via SC:
„There is much tenderness behind this avalanche of sound. And of course,
much ingenuity. Genius in abundance. I love the sense of the rhythm of the
track, led by a soft guitar riff at certain times, it’s amazing how you can create
music that way. For me this has an infinite merit. Sensacional. “

Rudolf Schmitt, Göttingen / Germany, 15.8.13, via Soundcloud:
„Wild und sexy!!“

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / India, 9.8.13, via SoundCloud/ FB:
„Sensational .. and startlingly sensual .. !! An absolutely breathtaking sound-scape .. that explores the hitherto untouched spheres of the a wild
and stunning way ..“

DJ Relish / ‚Therecordcellar‘, USA, 8.8.13, via SoundCloud:
„So amazingly crazy!!!!!!!!!!!“

Chicago_Word_Brigade, Chicago / USA, 8.8.13, via SoundCloud:
„brain churning to the max…faved“

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norway, 8.8.13, via SoundCloud & fb:
„…it`s most exiting!! and i like it in a special way i cant explain this crazy
way…. in its totally crazy way, I like it dear Axel and your collabs. and yes:
It`s absolutely hotstuff!!:)) wow!“

Derek Cornett, Oceanside / California / USA, 8.8.13, via SoundCloud:

Andreas Dresden (‚Seelensack‘), Germany, 9.8.13, via Soundcloud:
„Hey, you guys have a lot to say ;)) Incredible free sounds … This is the
hymn of the „Musical Liberation Army“ … Do it!“

Frank Wilke (‚freivomhieb‘), Hattingen / Germany, 8.8.13, via SoundCloud:
„A supreme compliment from us to the craziest guitarist far and wide.


Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norway, 2.8.13, via SoundCloud & fb:
„…its floating, its dreamy and very sweet. I enjoy this a lot. all of it from start till end.
thank you my dear friend Axel 🙂 a great FAV. from me to the great guitarplayer Axel 🙂

Vicente Bueso (Science Teheran), Sevilla / Spain, 2.8.13, via SoundCloud:
„… Absolutely brilliant. These two minutes will make me very short :))))). Great.“

Robyn Youlten, Melbourne / Australia, 2.8.13
„Hmmm..that frantic need/instinct to breathe and then to fight for breath …
then passing into a bliss…peace..and rest. BRILLIANT Mr.Weiss! „

David Williams (flutemaker), Boston / USA, 30.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„great textures and wonderful three dimensional quality“

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / India, 30.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„A transcendental experience of the serene and sublime flow of consciousness …
Perfect harmony in the dance of the soul … Vibrant and pulsating rhythm of life …
A deep and profound reflection of life … Sensational … An astounding astral
switch … Beyond music … An awakening of the soul …“

Chicago_Word_Brigade, Chicago / USA, 30.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„wildness … craziness … total massiveness … kickass track, Bud … aces … faved“

Henry Koek, Aups / France, 30.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„airgiving and airtaking nice changement“

Some comments on „Kisses from the Sun (Oddrun and Axel):

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norway, 2.8.13, via SoundCloud & fb:
„Congrats my dear musical companion Axel: with the honor being the
Soundclouder of today. :):):):)“

Robyn Youlten, Melbourne / Australia, 29.7.13
„Brilliant song!!! Winter’s morning here and this is sooo uplifting – gives me
the vibe for the coming Spring/Summer….Oddrun’s voice is magic!! I love
the jazzy laid back feel to this those beautiful jazz chords,the maj7th’s open
this song up … it BREATHES warmth … exquisite guitar playing and soling Axel!!
Peace :)))“

Daniel Lockhart, Carmel, United States, 28.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„Lovely it reminds me of those brilliant Brazilian bands you hear near
the beach.“

Derek Cornett, Oceanside /California / USA, 28.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„Wonderful, summery bossa Axel… captures the summer vibe perfectly…
makes me want to spend the afternoon at the beach!!!“

Jens Felger, Stuttgart / Germany, 28.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„you are a dream team…love your music“

Michael Klatte, Bonn / Germany, 28.7.13, via SoundCloud: :
„Masterclass!“ … „Magic! You are both excellent musicians!“

Valerio Garofoli (pianozero) , Roma / Italy, 28.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„thank you Oddrun and Axel, your song is so hot this time ! Gorgeous!“

Vicente Bueso (Science Teheran), , 28.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„I love how Oddrun converts her voice into a whispering and delicious
instrument. Exceptional getting melodic line with her powerful voice,
pure jazz. The guitars are masterful, a composition very cool and special.
Thank you both for this heart-shaped gift. Wonderful.
Thanks, Axel and Oddrun, for this bit of happiness turned into song.“

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norway, 28.7.13, via SoundCloud & fb:
„Thank you dear musical companion and friend, dearest Axel 🙂 Thank you
for music and joy. I had so much fun doing this song together with you. love
from Oslo to Bavaria :)“

Some comments on „Other Sides of the Moon (solo):

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / India, 30.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„An invigorating musical Elixir … Perfect harmony with Nature … An enticing
nectarous insight into an enigmatic realm.. its gentle caress leading to
a soothing emotional tranquility“

Urbano Matta, Tijuana, Mexico, 30.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„This tune is fantastic, simple, subtle, beautiful …“

Roy Semmens (Maxx Black), Phoenix / USA, 23.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„This is a 10!!! Excellent piece! : )“

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norway, 20.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„sweetsweet … congrats with the number one Bossa at Soundcloud …
wonderful birds there in the background in your garden too…)) „

Glen Washington, Oswego / USA, 12.7.2013, via SoundCloud:
“ Just love this cool chilled vibe man. Sitting outside with a nice cool drink just
catching the soft summer breezes and listening to the birds sing and this track
going. Great. Thanks.“

Vicente Bueso (Science Teheran), Sevilla / Spain, 22.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„My dear Axel, if there is anything that defines this type of tracks is the sense
of life and hope. It is absolutely delicious.“

MilanaZilnik, Ottawa / Canada, 10.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„Oh wow…. this is so warm, sweet, mellow and gorgeous, Axel!!

Some comments on „Sibylle (solo):

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norway, 21.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„This is a wonderful journey dearest Axel. Such life and wonderful soundscape.
A touch of true joyful life. A beautiful dedication to Sibyll. Love the whistling:))“

Heb Ik Jou Daar / Bas Kooman, Netherlands, 29.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„The relaxed rhythm guitar, the whistling it goes so perfect with that little
innocent girl on the picture: brilliant Axel!“

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / India, 30.7.13, via SoundCloud & fb:
„Splendid..An elegant and exquisite dedication to a precious soul.. captures
the true essence of a wonderfully melodious life on a beautiful musical canvas“

Fred Van Gestel, Marburg / Germany, 30.7.13, via SoundCloud:
“ .. aw that guitar intro blows me away … sweet bossa feel – definitely a like,
Sibylle must be a great person!“

Ashraf Rezk, Cairo / Egypt, 15.7.13, via SoundCloud
„I just love ALL YOUR TRACKS XD“

Tomás Stanko, Czech Republic, 12.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„I’m always impressed when you play on the guitar. Such a great and optimistic

Jens Felger, Stuttgart / Germany, 12.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„superschön Axel“

John de Bruijn
, Almere / Netherlands, 12.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„great piece of music Axel“

Helmut Keller, Ambra / Italy, 8.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„Fantastisches Stück, Axel und Dein Pfeifen ist einmalig. Danke, dass wir das
anhören dürfen :-)))“

Vicente Bueso (Science Teheran), Sevilla / Spain, 8.7.13, via SoundCloud:
Beautiful introduction. Absolutely beautiful.“ „Very good Axel, keyboard
accompaniment is fine. To me what is really overwhelms me how with 2 or 3
elements can create such passion and beauty together.
Beautiful dedication to your wife. It also denotes a beautiful story behind it.
What a beautiful dedication. Very passionate music.“

Some comments on „Shades of You (Werner Büsch, Frank Wilke, Axel Weiss):

Rafi Wazir, Hamburg / Germany, 10.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„Mir scheint ich hab lange keinen Schlager mehr gehört, hat sich aber sehr
zum Positiven verändert, das Genre ;))“

Jens Felger, Stuttgart / Germany, 9.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„Ihr geht ja echt zur Sache … so lasse ich mir deutschen Schlager gefallen …

Andre Darius, Paris / France, 9.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„Axel, you’re artwork is fantastic and the track very intense, great trio –
I love the drums part !“

Chicago_Word_Brigade, Chicago / USA, 9.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„totally aces…absolute respect here…faved NOW!“

Frank Wilke, Hattingen / Germany, 8.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„Ganz großer Dank an Dich, Axel für dieses Wahnsinnsprojekt!!“

Vicente Bueso (Science Teheran);, Sevilla / Spain, via SoundCloud:
„Direct to the veins. Excellent. Great job everyone.

Olivier Malhomme, Mayet / France, 8.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„Stark und wild“

Valerio Garofoli (pianozero) , Roma / Italy, 8.7.13, via SoundCloud:
„I love your crazy fantasies with guitar ;)“

Some comments on „For Ray + African Spirit (duo):

Helena Paglia Rios, Montevideo / Uruguay, 31.5.13, via fb music:
„Maravillosa música de mi querido Axel Weiss … Gracias Axel,
querida alma :))) Gracias dear soul for the magic!! With your music
the world can be a better place to live, in joy and peace :)“

Vicente Bueso, Sevilla / Spain, 30.5.13, via Soundcloud:
„Axel’s great. Everything. The idea, collaboration with Werner and
those magnificent rhythms. The sound of the guitar so beautiful,
fantastic, and I loved the effect you added. And above all the very
great dedication to your dear father. Very emotional. A track very
much light, and a lot of passion. My congratulations.“

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norway, 25.5.13, via Soundcloud:
„Axel, my dear friend:)…what a happy lovely sundaymorning track this together with Werners African Spririt makes me smile all the
way in the Norwegian woods today. This is so happy and wonderful
my friends….yyyyyeaaaahhhh:)))“

André Darius, Paris / France, 25.5.13, via Soundcloud
„wonderful studio work ! very impressive“

Helmut Keller, Ambra / Italy, 25.5.13, via Soundcloud:
„Ganz toll, Axel. Ihr habt mir vom ersten bis zum letzten Ton Freude
bereitet :)))“

Milana Zilnik, Ottawa / Canada, 25.5.13, via Soundcloud
„What a magnificent fusion of tribal feel and jazzy movements.“

Serge Brive, France, 25.5.13, via Soundcloud:
.. magnifique rythme .. une mise en place incroyable .. ces drums
chantent à mes oreilles °-)“

Glen Washington, Oswego / USA, 25.5.13, via Soundcloud:
„. It’s a holiday weekend here in the states, and this track gives me
a great feeling ..“.

Some comments on „4 F Down Blues (solo):

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norway, 19.4.13, via SoundCloud:
„I simply love this wonderful blues dear Axel … its deep, it fun, its wild …
its all that a fantastic blues must have to be played over and over
again. Its a blues for the heart. You are a fantastic guitarplayer!!!!…
Ilike the wild crazy part a lot!! a Lot!! :))))“

Bas Kooman, Netherlands, 19.4.13, via SoundCloud:
„Awesome play, nasty in a nice way!

Vicente Bueso, Sevilla / Spain, 19.4.13, via SoundCloud:
„Delightful, very visual and enjoyable. And a very great idea to
bring these two parts 😉 Magnificent, Axel“ … „Excellent ending …
congrats, great Axel ;)“

Erwin de Zwart, Leiden / Netherlands, 19.4.13, via SoundCloud:
„right on down my brother!!“

‚Man On A Grill‘, Paris / France, 19.4.13, via SoundCloud:
„Gritty !! .. That’s what I was thinking untill the electric came in !! ..
Brilliant playing Mate :))“

Jens Felger, Stuttgart / Germany, 19.4.13, via SoundCloud:
„wow … great blues, played great … great ideas … great cover
image … all great … I love it“

Peter Lehndorff, Hampden / USA, 19.4.13, via SoundCloud:
„Wonderful and damn inspiring.“

Glen Washington, Oswego / IL / USA, 19.4.13, via SoundCloud:
„Wooooo ,,,,Yeahhhhhh!!!! Down home, dirty drawers blues, baby.

Helmut Keller, Ambra / Italy, 19.4.13, via SoundCloud:
„Sei vorsichtig Axel, so hat’s bei Hendrix auch angefangen 😉

Valerio Garofoli, Roma / Italy, 19.4.13, via SoundCloud:
„absolutely marvellous“

Igrajsa, Trnava / Slovakia, 19.4.13, via SoundCloud:
„I love it … Hendrix feeling … nice guitar work :)))“

MusicaSerj, France, 19.4.13, via SoundCloud:
“ …sophisticated blues ! …

Some comments on ”Ship of Joy“ (Oddrun and Axel):

Vicente Bueso, Sevilla / Spain, 28.3.13, via SoundCloud
„Absolutely wonderful track, with a beautiful melodic base, use of
intelligent and beautiful guitar. This version I love is pure heat,
emotion and color. Bright. And all artistic paintings are great, Axel.
My congratulations to both for such a masterful track. My hat.“
„… The music change in 2:30 is precious. This naked version is
awesome, with the perfect silences in perfect places …
What wonderful musicians you are.“

Glen Washington, Oswego / IL / USA, 27.3.13, via SoundCloud:
„Incredible vocal. Adore the soaring high range. I love the feel of this
latin rythmn … it’s awesome to hear the interplay of the vocal with the
guitars. A great collaboration.“

Giovanni Fuga, Roma / Italy, 27.3.13, via SoundCloud:
„… wonderful music guitar and vocals (as always)!
… another piece of „timeless“ art! thank you guys! „

Daniel Lockhart, Carmel / USA, 27.3.13, via SoundCloud:
„This is a great song with great singing. I can’t imagine hearing
something this good (and original) on the radio. It reminds me of
Flora Purim on the early Return to Forever recordings.“

Colin Ventura, Southend on Sea / Britain, 27.3.13, via SoundCloud:
„Superbly gorgeous“.

Curtis Dahl, Seattle / USA, 27.3.13, via SoundCloud:
„Absolutely wonderful! I always look forward to hearing new things
from you. This is beautifully easy, breezy, perfectly groovy and
effortlessly light. I love it.“

Rudi Lockefeir, Zoetermeer / Netherlands, 27.3.13, via SoundCloud:
„This is a match made in heaven – Axel and Oddrun. This is awesome.
Love it. A touch of bossa nova. Love all the elements in this composition.
It is superb.

Alexander Hallberg, Nøtterøy / Norway, 27.3.13, via SoundCloud:
„This was truly great Axel and Oddrun. Superb collab!“

MilanaZilnik, Ottawa / Canada, 27.3.13, via SoundCloud:
„Visiting your clouds is always such a treat… every piece is a gorgeous
beauty! Fascinating instrumentation Axel! And such a lovely artwork btw!!“

Jens Felger, Stuttgart / Germany, 27.3.13, via SoundCloud:
„Fantastic piece…great guitars & great voice!!!“

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / India, 26.3.13, via SoundCloud:
„Angelic .. Oddrun..!! Sailing on the silken smooth musical waves of
your voice.. and swaying to the lilting tunes of Axel’s guitar…this ship
of serenity embarks on an enchanting and enigmatic journey into the
exalted realm of eternal Joy..Sheer delight!!“
„Rapturous..Axel..!! Pure exaltation .. The painting comes alive.. with
Oddrun’s sweet musical caress .. and the charm of your guitar strings ..
to lead us to sheer ecstasy..“

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norway, 26.3.13, via SoundCloud:
„Thank you, dear Axel for the joy it is to make music together with you :)) …
i had so much fun doing this song the first time you posted me the track ..
to try it now like we first did it … is pure happiness. Thank you so much :)“

Some comments on „Waters of Life – Duo (Tomas and Axel):

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / India, via fb, 17.3.13:
„Sublime..!! The serene and sensitive strands of Sax enchantingly
weaves through the sparkling flow of guitar to lend an amazingly
new perspective on this exquisite Elixir of Life..Timeless.“.

Traces Of Lace, Topeka Kansas / USA, via SoundCloud, 16.3.13:
„Axel! An absolute joy to listen to Tomas & you splashing playfully
along in those waters! Invigorating! – Lace.“

Milana Zilnik, Ottawa / Canada, 16.3.2013, via SoundCloud:
„What an amazing collaboration, guys!! A gorgeous beauty!
Love how guitar and sax are waltzing around each other“

Chicago-Word-Brigade, Chicago / USA, via SoundCloud, 16.3.13:
„Outstanding! … faved.“

Rudi Lockefeir, Zoetermeer / Netherlands, via SoundCloud, 16.3.13:
„This is…if you ask me a match made in heaven. The balance is
just perfect. This is SC at its best. 2 wonderful musicians. Love it.

Heb Ik Jou Daar – Bas Kooman, Netherlands, via SC, 16.3.13:
„Fantastic performance – free like the title indicates :-))“

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo /Norway, via SoundCloud / fb, 16.3.13:
„Tomas and Axel … this is some beautiful „Waters of Life“…I enjoy
so much! wonderful played from you both. You are so very very good
together :)) love from Oslo, Oddrun.“

Some comments on ”Tribute to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi”:

André D. (“Darius Improv.”), Aspremont / France, via sc, 2.3.13:
“great musical moment ! your interaction is deep and intense !
I love everything here )”

The Infernal Conundrum (“TiC”), P.J, Malaysia, via sc, 2.3.13:
“beautiful madness!!”

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo /Norway, via sc, 2.3.13:
“dear Axel…this free jazz is so exiting, it never stand still, changes
in new directions, the sound and groove is life. you play so well all
of you. what a wonderful new trio this is. !!!”

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / India, via fb, 1.3.13:
“Sheer exhilaration .. !! An enigmatic musical procession .. that
freely winds its way through the journey of life … purely at the dictates
of the heart .. in a pulsating rhythm that permeates the core of the being ..
An ecstatic trio..!!

Frank Wilke, Hattingen / Germany, via sc, 1.3.2013:
“This recording was one of those great experiences I will never forget.
Thank you very much for your contribution, Axel, and I hope to continue
our work ”

Some comments on ”Svenevik” (Oddrun, Axel and Arne):

Andrew Janik, Ajax / Canada, 5.3.2013, via SoundCloud:
“To me this song is as beautiful as “Somewhere over the Rainbow”..
so beautiful …beautiful vocal…tender guitar…and at 1:56 – the breathy
trumpet enters….an extension of our inner souls ! – Bravo!!”

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / India, 22.2.2013, via fb/SC:
“Fresh as a dewdrop and caress of a soothing breeze Oddrun’s
melodious voice paints an idyllic picture..with Axel’s charming guitar
and Arne’s mesmerizing trumpet .. as it steers us through a sea of
tranquility .. in an eternal celebration of the childhood in us .. enhanced
by the profound lyrics and poetic visuals .. A charming study of Life..”

Helena Paglia Rios, Montevideo / Uruguay, 22.2.2013, via fb:
“My dear friends…really a masterpiece,how beautiful! music and
video,I love it! Oddrun you are an angel my sister! Axel, Arne … you
both are fantastic…I am very touched in the soul by this new musical
gem,thank you dear souls,muchas gracias!!”

Milana Zilnik, Ottawa / Canada, 22.2.2013, via SoundCloud:
“Magnificent .. oh, wow .. guys, you keep amaze me every time …
Such a relaxed beauty of Axel’s guitar and the angelic voice of Oddrun ..
with astonishing trumpet of Arne .. magnificent beauty!!”

Arne Hiorth, Oslo / Norway, 22.2.2013, via SC / fb:
“superb presence, warmth and a delicate balance between melancholy
and joy …” (on SoundCloud) .. “thanks for stylish guitar Axel, and nice a
video full of summer memories ..” (on fb)

Philip Bridle, Watford, Britain, 22.2.2013, via SoundCloud:
“Absolutely totally gorgeous…… acoustic heaven!”

“Some comments on ”at parkhaus II” … :

Michael Gearin, Arlington / USA, 26.1.2013, via SoundCloud:
“I’ve been listening to you for while and you have opened my eyes
to Jazz. This piece is surprisingly different, maybe even experimental,
but interesting and lovely.”

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norway, 25.1.2013, via SoundCloud:
“dear Axel…this free Jazz is so mysterious, and for me its a sound
from the far east … something very exotic. The landscape and the
sound from a desert … I like it so much … the free music, the magic
of the free music. Its also much darker than the music you posted
yesterday. I am so happy to hear free jazz at the cloud, thank you
so much for posting. love from your musical companion, oddrun ”

Vicente Bueso (Science Teheran), Sevilla / Spain, 25.1.2013, via SC:
”Wooow, abstract and enigmatic, and let me say that with a hint
of darkness.”

… and to ”at parkhaus I”:

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norway, 24.1.2013, via SoundCloud:
“dear Axel .. this is wonderful good! What a band! its jazz on its best.
mysterious and cool, have to listen more than once. great exiting
drums , funky bass and your fantastic floating beat guitar! Everlasting
groovie music for us jazzlovers! thank you so much for this post, love
from your musical companion in Oslo ”.

Jerry Baraboo Lafontaine, United States, 23.1.2013, via SoundCloud:
“.. wonderful free form jazz exhort essences .. reaches deep immersion
in simple recipe emotional power and short cosmic bursts of crisp finely
edging sound surmounting complexities .. beautiful stalwart integrity
expressive musical primate veneers .. deep feeling well digging jazz
bones and sermon-bourbon waters bucket beats brought up through
this supreme combo tooling craftsmanship and body-toning mechanics
.. divinite .. “.

Some comments on ”Love for Life”:

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / Indien, 22.10.12, via SC:
“Pure nectar .. Manna from Heaven .. !! Cheryl’s mellifluous notes
reflect a glorious celebration of Life..softly weaving through the
enchanting strings of guitar in an eternal journey of Love …
A divine gift from God to be cherished and honoured …
“The exquisitely honey’d notes make a ‘beeline’ straight to the
heart … evoking tears of pure joy”

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norwegen, 22.10.2012, via fb/SoundCloud
“… a wonderful tune from the perfect duo….wonderful dreamy
soundscape … Thank you for heavenly sound … in Love for Life
… Thank you dear friends for magic music ”

Some comments on ”Samoa”:

Mario Scala (Aariosca), London / Britain, 9.8.2013, via SoundCloud:
„Love those chords man…. You bring back a lot of memories as years
back I used to play in a band whose whole repertoire was Tochinho,
Joao Gilberto, Jobim etc. etc. You play this style incredibly well.

Nicélio Santos, Curitiba Metropolitan Area / Brazil, 24.1.2013, via SC:
“Hey Axel, I am from Brazil and I can say with this song I can feel at
home, believe it! Cheeers and just one caipirinha to celebrate your
lovely song!”

Galina, London / Great Britain. 15.1.2013, via SoundCloud:
“Don’t know how this latin sound got into your blood – but you got it
good! ”

Rudy jr. & The Love Pirates, Jante / Dänemark, 13.10.12, via sc:
“Hell – Bloody cool.“ / „I was carried away by the delicious rhythmic
change here, Sir. With all due respect.”

Pravinand Maharaj, Durban / Südafrika, 13.10.12, via SC:
“I’m really glad to make contact with you, Axel. Very uplifting and
joyous music. You handle that guitar with so much passion… its

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norwegen, 12.10.12, via fb/SoundCloud:
“So very nice to listen to this cold early autumn morning in Oslo …
thank you my dear friend Axel for this light and music ”

Some comments on ”Smile to the Children”:

Andrew Janik, Ajax / Canada, 3.10.12, via SoundCloud
“What a beautifully creative piece – great props to all – Isabel/
Oddrun and Axel! … what is great about this track … its thin in
terms of instrumentation but huge in clarity of vocal and guitar work …
then the integration into our lives!! BRAVO – BEST to YOU -:)!!”

Michelle Eaton. Swindon, GB, 2.10.12, via SoundCloud:
“Isabel’s voice is adorable, and of course Oddrun and Axel are
wonderful talented people … beautiful collaboration )”

Glen Washington, Oswego, IL, USA, 1.10.12., via SundCloud:
“Thank you so much for this. Will keep me smiling the rest of the day.
The guitar is bright and cheery and whimsical. And the vocal is
perfectly suited to the music with it’s playful jazzy lilt. Great stuff.”

Some comments on ”FreeTuned”:

Max Ridgway, Boston / USA, 11.8.2012, via SoundCloud:
“This is really fabulous, Axel. You get such a great sound from
your guitar you played some great things on this track. The whole
improvisation hangs together beautifully. I enjoyed this very much!”

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / Indien, 12.8.2012, via fb:
“Spectacular sparkling synthesis redefines musical freedom
elevating it to the highest level.”

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norwegen, 12.8.2012, via fb/SoundCloud:
“My dear friend Axel. Here some words from your Norwegain friend
This is so free and fresh … And I agree with our common friend Unni,
it’s your sound, your spirit coming through it ..for the “not bound up
souls”…as she says so wonderful ::)) … Magic all the way. I go for the
hippie jazz fusion this afternoon ::)) Beautiful played from all in the
band. Love from the Norwegian woods .. Oddrun ::))”

Unni Skurdal, Hedmark / Norwegen, 11.12.2012, via fb:
” ..ahh.. I’m so happy for this, Axel. I remember how I felt “in love”
when I listened to your music some time ago … your sounds, your
photos and paintings are something tight linked to the special sound
and spirit belongs to you … and you alone! Much love from another
not to bound up soul from the midle of the forest , behind the mountains ..”

Some comments on ”HappyTune” (Sextet):

Liame Dethridge, London / GB,7.8.2012, via SoundCloud:
“That was something special Axel. Without exception, everyone excels
in their role here. Quite a beautiful ensemble you have here, and the
musical result is something quite magical. All of these different
elements combine in the most profound and aesthetic of ways.
A sheer joy to listen to my friend. Particularly glad I heard this piece,
as your work is a major compliment to, and backbone of, the piece.
The interplay between Stanislav and Cheryl is fantastic and the the
entwined phrasing of your guitar and Sean’s bass is particularly
complimentary. Arne’s trumpet performance is beautifully rich and
an especially nice touch for the feel of the piece, and oddrun’s vocal
performance is a rich and caressing centerpiece that fuses everything
together profoundly well. A large salute to you all for a job well done ”

Vicente Bueso, Sevilla, Spain, 6.8.2012, via SoundCloud:
“Excellent. A collaboration of height, with very great musicians.
Sensational. My congratulations. This work is of great importance.”

Roy Rodriguez, United States, 5.8.2012, via SoundCloud:
“This takes me back to the that late 60′s early 70′s groove sound and
you all do a fantastic job here….Great memories and energy going
on … Thanks so much for sharing….You got that cool groove style.”

Werner Büsch, Emsdetten / D, 4.8.2012, via SoundCloud
“You keep the jazz alive … wonderful tune. Deep respect!”

Some comments on ”Oceanic Spheres” (Duo with Oddrun Eikli):

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norwegen, 2.7.2012, via SoundCloud:
“My dear dear friend Axel, thank you so much for this collab. That is
a sunsummerbreeze from Bavaria:) I special want to thank you for
your guitarsolo in this song .. It’s a wild and soft energy in the solo that
make the song much more exiting in every way. Thank you for all I
learn from you. And thank you for wonderful friendship. Love, Oddrun”

J. Abella, Philippinies, 2.7.2012, via SoundCloud:
“Oh man Axel!!! really!!! that guitar can also sing!!!”

Raphael GTR, Deutschland, 2.7.2012, via SoundCloud:
“.. this is a wonderful latin ballad… Amazingly sung by Oddrun to your
excellent guitar playing! I love the chord progressions too, Axel, great!!!”

Mark Bennett, Edinburgh / Britain, 1.7.2012, via SoundCloud:
“I love the production on this as Oddrun’s voice and your guitar are
never in any competition, always complimentary and supportive. You
have both created a summer for me while the real one has failed to
materialize. Beautiful song and wonderful playing. Thank you for
sharing this on your page too.”‘


Some new solo tunes (Axel – music and guitar):
„Venus Transit“, „Free Blues Unterfahrt“ 


Some spontaneous moments in space and time.
Guitar and whistling simultaneously recorded


Some comments on the trio project ”En Engels Trost”
(Trio – with Dace McKeown and Oddrun Eikli):

Martin Lucas, Indiana / USA, 8.6.2012, via SoundCloud:
“Heavenly, all three of you, and the sound is so … well …
crystalline comes to mind.”

Liame Dethridge, London / GB, 3.6.2012, via SoundCloud:
“Beautiful work. Your guitar is strong, proud and infinitely rich,
Axel. Dave’s piano lines seem to evoke twenty forms at once
whilst remaining cohesive and in keeping. And Oddrun’s vocal
is just divine as always. Lovely work here, a very nice Saturday
morning listen. Well done.”

Dave McKeown, Exmouth, Britain, 2.6.12, via SoundCloud:
“Fantastic Axel .. .what a fantastic warm guitar sound … love
those subtle touches at the end, and beautiful lines throughout …
all woven around Oddrun’s super vocal.”
“… really special … Axel … you just provide a wonderful blues
commentary, an extra layer of meaning to Oddrun’s sweet vocal.”

Anmafean, Lisbon / Portugal, 2.6.12, via SoundCloud:
“Amazing track. And your guitar is just … fantastic!”

Raphael GTR, Offenburg / Deutschland, 2.6.12, via SoundCloud:
“Oh, that’s wonderful! Absolutely amazing music from three most
wonderful musicians! Klasse Gitarre, Axel!!!”

Enlimila, Surrey / Britain, 2.6.12, via SoundCloud:
“Damn … I’m gonna have to favourite this version too … Axel’s
guitar is as incredible as Oddrun’s voice and Dave’s piano …
what a grouping !!! Brilliant!”

Helena Paglia Rios, Montevideo / Uruguay, 2.6.12, via SoundCloud:
“.. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. so so beautyful .. so deep .. i love it!!!
your guitar is wonderful .. wowowowow!!!! and Oddrun…what can I
say about Oddrun?Amazing!!!!! … congratsss!!!!! This is magic!!!!!”

Some comments on ”Spring” (Duo with Oddrun Eikli):

Lace Link, Topeka / USA, 22.4.2012, via SoundCloud:
“Fabulous! I concur … Oddrun & Axel are poetry in motion when together …
beautifully done, my friends!”

Liame Dethridge, London / GB, 19.5.2012, via SoundCloud:
“A lovely gentle piece. As with all of your collaborations, there’s an
inimitable evocation; a kind of ethereal warmth that’s almost impossible
to emulate. The combination of Axel and Oddrun always results in a
heavenly sound. Excellent work here, as always. Truly delightful.”

Lee Lucas, Birmingham / GB, 19.5.12, via SoundCloud:
“This is just pure class and I like the way Axel always controls himself
when he is with Oddrun, he likes to go off on all sorts of stuff on his own
page ) but he’s doing a purely fantastic job here on that guitar, and the
voice, well what else can I say that I have not already said, as ever it’s

Olivier Maunick, Paris / Frankreich, 15.5.2012, via SoundCloud:
“I said before how fantastic this sounds.I really like the acoustic/
electric blend and complementary voicings you’re using, Axel, and the
surprising doubled vocals add a nice touch. Both of your lead passages
are beautiful, I especially like the momentum of that final one. Superb.”.

Arne Hiorth, Oslo / Norwegen, 15.5.12, via fb music:
“Great work my friends.”

Nitzan Sagie, Tel Aviv / Israel, 15.5.12 , via fb music / SoundCloud:
“…. outstanding piece …. fantastic” / “… nothing less than amazing …
absolutely 2 of my favorite musicians here … Oddrun and Axel,
most fantastic job….beautiful.”

J. Abella, Philippines, 15.5.12, via SoundCloud:
“… just a space for me! crowded Oddrun! lovely, refreshing sound &
what a great guitar track & mix from Axel. Whoot whoot guys nice collab!!!”

Michelle Eaton, Swindon, GB, 15.5.12, via SoundCloud:
” … oh delicately magical and intriguing.. how beautiful ”

Kelly Anne. Philadelphia / USA, 15.5.12, via SoundCloud:
“Angelic. That is the word I wanted. Like a young Barbra Streisand …
but I don’t think she ever did a collab nearly so magical. Instant fav!”

Diederik de Jonge, Bali, Indonesia, 15.5.12, via SoundCloud:
“Great tune. Almost sliding into Astrud Gilberto style. Love the
guitar and production too ”

Arbitrary Sky, Davenport / USA, 15.5.12, via SoundCloud:
“Beautiful piece. Your voice is as beauitful as ever, Oddrun.
Fantastic guitar work! Very cool … love the mix too.”

Raphael, Offenburg / Deutschland, 15.5.12, via SoundCloud:
“Simply wonderful, Oddrun and Axel! And the mix is great too, very
close to the listener. It has a kind of sitting-together-and-listening-
to-you-two atmosphere ”

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norwegen, 15.5.12, via SoundCloud / fb music:
“My dear Axel, musical companion and wonderful friend thank you for
music, making this song together with you has been so much joy and
fun.” / “… You have made a beautiful artfilm for our new springsong.
So much light, fun and joy ::) Thank you so much, love from Norway,
Oddrun ”

Helena Paglia Rios, Montevideo / Uruguay, 15.5.2012, via fb music:
“You make magic !!!!! )” / “… so so so lovely !!!!! Wonderful video,
full of light !!!! beautiful voice and music, great guitar,so delicate in the
beginning, closing the song with all life and wonder of Spring )
I love this.”

Some comments on ”Dessert in Heaven” (Duo with Cheryl):

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norwegen, 30.4.2012 (via SoundCloud:
“Dear Axel …Thank you so much for the dedication, it`s a support in hope
and existence. To me and all Norwegians. Thank you my dear friend Axel.
The artclip is a wonderful “Dessert in Heaven”… and touch my heart deeply.
Thank you so very much. I have no words, only thank you from my heart.
Dear Axel and Cheryl … thank you for beautiful heavenly music. Yours in
Norway, Oddrun”

Olivier Maunick, Paris / Frankreich, 30.4.2012 (via SoundCloud):
“A nice, warm moment and feeling from you two.Thank you for sharing this
(and the art in the video, Axel, is fantastic)”

Liame Dethridge, London / GB, 30.4.2012 (via SoundCloud)
“You know, your collaborative work with Cheryl very much makes me feel
like I’m sitting on a South Seas Island, far from the trappings of modern
ociety Axel. An instant evocation of carefree endless warm days and an utter
absence of stress. Beautiful guitar work in this piece. It just flows effortlessly
and naturally and Cheryl’s weaving flute contrasts the emotion to differing
degrees of delight and relaxation. A perfect piece for a perfect day.
Excellent work from both of you. You made a wet day in Britain feel like
a warm day in Samoa ”

Some comments on ”From Chaos to Heaven” (Duo with Cheryl):

Cheryl Pyle, New York City / USA, 23.4.2012 (via YouTube)
” .. really beautiful images for the duo. axel – thanks for including me in
the creativity – rhsc nyc”

Helena Paglia Rios, Montevideo / Uruguay, 22.4.2012 (via fb music):
“Fantástico!!! Un viaje desde el caos al paraíso )”
What else can I say that has not said before?…I´ve heard this piece
many times … and I was transported through many places, the Universe,
the Soul!!! You both are great musicians that I admire with all my heart
if I knew more English I could probably better explain my feelings…but
m english is too limited to write about your wonderful music!!!!
I only can say Gracias !!!! Gracias,one more time !!!!”

Unni Skurdal, Hedmark / Norwegen, 22.4.2012 (via fb music):
“This is really love supreme … thank you, wonderful people!!”

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / Indien, 22.4.2012 (via SoundCloud):
“Awesome..Very impressive and the nectarean notes of the
flute delightfully play with the endearing strands of guitar …. to launch us
on an enchanting journey of transition…. from the hectic tumultous disarray
and turbulence .. to a serene, sublime, blissful ecstasy .. profoundly
reflecting, on a deeper level, creation of the Universe ….from the chaotic
mass of energy. A wonderful offering that is ideal for the Earth Day..”

Olivier Maunick, Paris / Frankreich, 22.4.2012 (via SoundCloud):
“An obviously improvised, yet quite thought-out piece.The three part,
jagged “counterpoint” with triadic motifs tossed around between your
guitars and Cheryl’s flute is nice, out in places but retaining a firm tonal
flavor.Lovely voicings too Axel.Great combination(s:), and a fine moment.”

Liame Dethridge, London / GB, 22.4.2012 (via SoundCloud)
“Particularly reminiscent of heaven. Exceptional work once again Axel,
a profound guitar performance. The improvised nature of the piece doesn’t
detract from a sense of real direction coming through. There seems to be a
transition at work in the piece … an overall acknowledgement and thematic
salute to the title perhaps? This really is a fine piece in every way and the
combination of your rich guitar tone and cheryl’s dancing flute make this
an immediate repeat listen. Exceptional work as always from you both…”

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norwegen, 22.4.2012 (via SoundCloud):
“My dear friend Axel, congrats to you and Cheryl for this wonderful, heavenly,
floating, dreaming adventure from Chaos to Heaven….I love your new piece
of music. Pure joy this from Norway…your friend oddrun”

Some comments on ”Islay Blues Duo” (Duo with Cheryl):

Liame Dethridge, London / GB, 29.3.2012 (via SoundCloud)
“I just love your voice and intonation Cheryl. You always sound
so effortlessly cool. And your guitar work is just phenomenal Axel.
Every flourish and detail stands out proudly yet somehow underscores
Cheryl’s vocal in the most skilled and accomplished of progressive
ways. The free-form blues evocation is superbly soulful and the gentle
walking bass / bar blues accompaniment that develops later is just the
business. … Excellent work from you both as always, well done.”

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norwegen, 29.3.2012 (via SundCloud)
“Axel and Cheryl, you two rule! very cool! great poem, guitar, flute
and voice in your Free Jazz Blues. warm greetings from Oslo ”

Derek Cornett, Kalifornien / USA, 29.3.2012 (via SoundCloud
“Wow… I will be watching the pop charts for this one This has that
cool, Knitting Factory downtown vibe… love the blues implications!”

Some comments on ”Rockin (Duo with Cheryl)”:

Cheryl Pyle, New York City / USA, 23.3.2012 (via SoundCloud)
“thanks to axel for the cool jam and everyone for listening – i am
always happy to take the music where it sends me .. inside or
outside the edges. rhsc nyc”

Liame Dethridge, London / GB, 23.3.2012 (via SoundCloud)
“I absolutely love the start of this piece and the latter flute
development is just phenomenally good.”
“Your guitar is overtly cool Axel. Everything drives along fiercly yet
smoothly at the same time.”
“Phenomenally cool transitions here, just superb work. … Everything
you’ve done here just works perfectly, from the propulsive drive of
the guitar to Cheryl’s super-cool downbeat vocal to the latter sound
design-like developments. Excellent collaboration here and a superb
start to my evening of listening. Axel and Cheryl, you are two cool
cats and no mistaking. Well done my friends.”

Derek Cornett, Kalifornien / USA, 23.3.2012 (via SoundCloud / fb music):
“Supremely cool Axel! Love the frantic progression and of course the

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norwegen, 23.3.2012 (via SoundCloud / fb music)
“Axel and Cheryl…you two rock…so cool, agree Derek!! and great
video Axel, simply wonderful paintings…cheryl you rocking flute and
voice …amazing…together with Axels energetic guitar….walkin…talkin…

Helena Paglia Rios, Montevideo / Uruguay, 23.3.2012 (fb music)
“MUSIC POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORDS POWER!!!!!!! I love your
guitar Axel and Cheryl with her flute and voice!! Great Work!!! And
a fantastic art video too!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / Indien, 23.3.2012 (via fb music)
“Absolute “Soul Rock” .. Treads a wonderfully different path .. away
from the beaten track.. with Cheryl’s well defined strands of flute ..
blending in with Axel’s soul-charged guitar..interspersed with deep words
from Cheryl and presented elegantly on the tapestry of Axel’s exquisite art..”

Some comments on „Sun Dance“ (Duo with Oddrun):

Robert Montgomery, Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia, 13.3.12 (via SoundCloud):
“.. man what a great combination! superb guitar playing with such
beautiful vocals; can’t help but feel good after hearing a song like this!!”

Patrik Eriksson , Stockholm / Schweden, 13.3.12 (via SoundCloud):
“.. so elegant and effortlessly when you sing And that bossa guitar
is awesome stuff!.”

Pedro Duarte, Matosinhos / Portugal, 13.3.12 (via SoundCloud):
“Beautiful song! Beautiful voice! Great guitar solo! Nice collaboration ”

Mark Hjorthoy, Vancouver / Kanada, 13.3.12 (via SoundCloud):
“Visions of 1960′s Portuguese lounge music,…. Antonio Carlos Jobim
would have really loved this,…. and so do I,…. your improv.s in it are so
good, and DAMN! The man can play guitar!”

Liame Dethridge, London / GB, 12.3.12 (via SoundCloud):
“This bossa rhythm is excellent Axel. Very nicely played with a warm
lead line that overlays the rhythmic line just superbly. Oddrun’s vocal
is as delightful as ever and its seering emotive sustain compliments
the piece perfectly. I can see why the two of you work together as
often as you do. A profoundly wise duo I think, and one that reads
each other perfectly. Well done to both of you. As memorable and
uplifitng as ever. Great work Axel and Oddrun.”

Lee Lucas, Birmingham / GB, 12.3.12 (via SoundCloud):
“Absolutely gorgeous stuff Oddrun your in fine voice as usual and
Axel there was on flying form. What a superb combination of a song.
Damn fine performance if ever I heard one. Top stuff and very well
done to you both.”
“Stunning guitar playing you will have to throw some ice over his
fingers Oddrun, they must be on fire )”

Olivier Maunick, Paris / Frankreich, 12.3.12 (via SoundCloud):
“Brilliant guitar Axel. With Oddrun’s golden voice, you again offer us
a true gem. Beautiful music! ”

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / Indien, 12.3.12 (SoundCloud)
“Sheer Soul Dance..!! The Sun in Oddrun’s bright and clear voice..
moves with eternal grace and elegance .. on the joyful strings of
Axel’s ‘dancing’ guitar .. to fill our lives with the ‘radiance’ and
‘ecstasy’ of a virtual ‘SoulDance’ with abandon..”

Explodera Mera, Stockholm / Schweden, 12.3.12 (via SoundCloud):
“Your guitar is glowing like the sun on this one, and Oddrun cools
things down like a gentle breeze.”

Anders Birr, Bjärred / Schweden, 12.3.12 (via SoundCloud):
“This is amazingly beautiful! Congrats to you both for a wonderful
collab! Thank you for sharing! May the sun shine on you in glory! ”

Mike Spring, Niederlande, 12.3.12 (via SoundCloud):
“Extraordinary guitar playing and what a lovely voice ”

Gelow Foster, Texas / USA, 12.3.12 (via SoundCloud):
“Great guitar playing ! Music sunny with a voice pure and bright,
straight to my faves ”

Intrieri Theory, Oklahoma City / USA, 12.3.12 (via SoundCloud):
“Great chord changes, excellent vocals & lead guitar!!”

Raphael GTR, Offenburg / D, 12.3.2012 (via SoundCloud):
“It’s indeed like dancing in the sun ))) A wonderful music full of life,
amazing voices and an awesome guitar by Axel!
Thanks to both of you for sharing this !!! ”

Kevin Fleming, Glasgow / GB, 12.3.12 (via SoundCloud):
“Some real wow guitar on this sunny track – Nice work.”

Stefan Raddatz, Löhne, D, 12.3.12 (via SoundCloud):
“Beautiful jazz-track with a great guitar and Oddrun’s lovely voice! ”

Some comments on ”let go with a flow (Cheryl, Stan and Axel)”:

Liame Dethridge, London / GB, 12.2.2012 (via SoundCloud):
“That opening beat and flute is superb and the way the bass walks
smoothly in is just perfect. Then that Rhodes just underscores it all
in perhaps the best way possible for the piece. As if that wasn’t
enough, the guitar just slips in stealthily and adds an entirely new
funky dynamic to the progression while the vocal just floats nicely
and calmly above it all. Strecthes of this feel like Blue Note, others
feel like Good Looking Records and others feel like Acid Jazz.
A first class piece from the first note to the last and an exceptionally
gifted union of musicians. Excellent work, real cool and real moreish.
Well done to all.”

David Oliver, Wells / GB, 12.2.2012 (via SoundCloud)
“Axel. Smooth and funky. I really like it. It’s great to hear you let
rip on the guitar or Axe {as some people call guitars here}. You
really are letting go. Love it. Great vibe and exciting and some
really stimulating playing then the track breaks down so gently
to smooth jazz seamlessly. Genius. Love it Stay well Brother.”

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / Indien, 11.2.2012 (via fb)
“The nectarean notes of flute along with the mesmerizing voice
of Cheryl .. wind their way through the raw energetic strands of
guitar..urging us to break out of the mould and fly free with the
Flow.. Charmingly tempered by the melodious harmony of the
piano..Stunningly exquisite visuals lend a heavenly touch.”

Stanislav Zaslavsky, Kamensk / Russland, 11.2.2012 (via fb):
“The current production of the musical creations of Axel Weiß
from Bavaria called “let it go with the flow” with the indescribably
beautiful words and the incomparable voice of Cheryl Pyle from
New York! At the beginning of the day an amazing new version
of this music was re-published in Russia and now everyone
can listen to the end and appreciate this musical wonder of
the world of the 21st century. Thank you Axel & Cheryl!”

Some comments on ”Dialogue in Blues” (Duo with Cheryl):

Liame Dethridge, London / GB, 5.2.2012 (via SoundCloud):
“A dialogue that speaks more clearly than any linguistic form.
Absolutely first class work from both Cheryl and Axel.
The flute articulations are superb and the guitar work is both
responsive and creatively talkative in it’s own right.
Excellent tone and clarity throughout and a perfect union
of approach and instrumentation. Well done to you both.”

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / Indien, 5.2.2012 (via fb):
“A profoundly sensitive response to each other’s tender flow
of feelings..renders this poignant interplay into a very moving
and soul stirring creation .. Kudos .. ”

Werner Büsch, Emsdetten / D, 12.2.2012 (via SoundCloud):
“Feinstes Gitarrenspiel und eine einzigartige Flöte in einem
stimmigen Dialog. Dieser Blues hat Herz und Seele.
Danke Cheryl & Axel.”

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norwegen, 5.2.2012 (via soundcloud / fb):
“A perfect new piece from a great duo.” .. ” Thank you for this
wonderful piece of music. Very touching, and a sound of
sadness. Love from Norway, Oddrun”

Max Ridgway, Boston / USA, 5.2.2012 (via fb)
“Very stylish, bluesy performance from both Cheryl and Axel!
Enjoyed it very much!”

Unni Skurdal, Hedmark / Norwegen, 5.2.2012 (via fb):
“One of my favorite melodies,, and this is so utterly beautiful
in harmonie. Thank you Axel and Cheryl ”

Some comments on ”Spontaneous Balladicity” (Duo with Cheryl):

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / Indien, 5.2.2012 (via fb)
“Marvelous .. The mellifluous notes of the flute .. beautifully
entwined with the sparkling strings of the guitar .. paint an
enchanting and melodious masterpiece on the musical canvas ..
Superb visuals ably enhance the charm..”

Liame Dethridge, London / GB, 23.1.2012 (via SoundCloud):
“An inherently warm sense of freedom and a wonderful
interplay of flute and guitar. A truly excellent performance
on both counts with a free and responsive beauty throughout.
A fantastic piece that maximises the potential of both instruments
without compromising the joy for a moment. Well done to both
of you.”

Nitzan Sagie, Tel Aviv / Israel, 23.1.2012 (via SoundCloud):
“dude!! awesome!! really!!!! can’t say no more!”

Werner Büsch, Emsdetten / D, 21.1.2012 (via fb music):
“Dein neues Kunst/Musik Video ist ganz vorzüglich, wohltuend
meditativ, voller Poesie und Sinnlichkeit. Die visuelle Umsetzung
mit deinen außergewöhnlichen Kunstobjekten ist rundum
gelungen. Herausragend!”

Helena Paglia Rios, Montevideo / Uruguay, 21.1.2012 (fb music):
“… ohhhhhhh….I can hear two great musicians:)) … Exellent!!!!!
Beautiful music and video!!! Congrats friends!!! keep on the good
way!!!!! Thank for your beautiful and exellent music !!!!:))”

Cheryl Pyle, New York City / USA, 21.1.2012 (via fb music):
“tried to really jam with you – very cool ideas in this tune –
thank you, axel”

Pete Richardson, Cambridge / GB, 1.1.2012 (via SoundCloud):
“There’s heavy McLaughlin influence here huh? But still individual.
I love it. Thank you.”

Some comments on ”Flow Raw 2.0 (with Cheryl)”:

Cheryl Pyle, New York City / USA, 3.1.2010 (via ReverbNation):
“2012 -lifeMUSIClove – great to record with you again and look
forward to more recording more of your great music – rhsc nyc”

Akim Jensch, Osnabrück / D, 3.1.2010 (via ReverbNation)
“FlowRaw 2 geht ja wirklich verdammt gut ab! Ein super Stück!”

Unni Skurdal, Hedmark / Norwegen, 2.1.2012 (via fb music):
“I love this wonderful music ! You are just great, all of you!
And Axel’s paintings…fantastic!”

Oddrun Eikli, Oslo / Norwegen, 2.1.2012 (via fb music):
“Wonderful music and paintings hand in hand! Very exiting guitar
and flute expression … very nice poem. Very good and happy FLOW!
Great work Cheryl and Axel ”

Cheryl Pyle, New York City / USA, 2.1.2012 (via fb music):
“… love the paintings and … thank you for the music ax …
really groovy tune.”

Some comments on ”Autumnal” (Quintet):

Lee Lucas, Birmingham / GB, 5.1.2012 (via SoundCloud):
“Wonderful bit of Jazz I must say and a wonderful
collaboration of worldwide very tasty musicians …”

Ian Matheson, Scotland / GB, 5.1.2012 (via SoundCloud)
“I said to that I would like it before I heard it … but this is
way beyond just liking!!!!! … This is absolute World Stage …
You all should be touring and headlining festivals … this
is awesome … Go conquer the planet! Best Wishes, Ian”

David Oliver, Wells / GB, 5.1.2012 (via SoundCloud)
“YES really like it! I am listening now and it’s wonderful.
Axel great jazz guitar start and it just gets better. A collaboration
of a whole virtual harmonious group. Lovely sound and energy
between you all. You’ve captured a live sound and it’s separate
recordings coming together. Well done, that must have taken
some organising. Sounds like you are all playing in a studio
“It’s a very uplifting piece of music, something universal about
it in the sense of a celebration with no egos, just music and its
optimistic magic. Congratulations. I feel happy listening to it
just like having that feeling of being “okayness” with the world
I wrote for your first review. Positivity.”

• • •

Here you find some earlier comments (2011/2010):

Liame Dethridge (“bluemurderjazz”), London / GB

– on “Spontaneous Balladicity”, 1.1.2012 (via SoundCloud):
“A really nice aproach to the guitar as an instrument of expressive
spontaneity. Creative chord structures and flourishes that gently
attenuate then build to passionate moments of creative amplitude.
Stylistic diversity and rhythmic intricacies that make this piece both
memorable and rewarding. Great work Axel.”

– on “Sunday Mothers I”, 15.12.11 (via SoundCloud):
“Every skilled articulation of the guitar has been captured so
warmly and fully that it’s almost impossible to conceive that
one instrument could create such a rich diversity of tones and
melodic structures. Absolutely first class musicianship and a
true inspiration. Unforgettable work Axel, well done.”

– on “Islay Blues”, 13.12.11 (via SoundCloud):
“The first section is like abstract expressionist art in musical
form. Kind of like McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu work but with an
earthy undercurrent and a superb cabinet effect. Then that
rootsy blues happens and everything just goes head-noddingly
soulful. A loose-form super-collider of expressive tones and
flourishes that strike right to the heart of the listener and leaves
them swaying with a smile on their face. Just excellent Axel.
Brilliant and talented stuff.”

– on “A Flavour from the Sun” (with Oddrun Eikli), 12.12.11
(via SoundCloud):
“Exceptional freedom and gentle warmth. A stunning vocal
from Oddrun as always with an inescapable beauty and an
equally stunning guitar performance from you Axel.
A match made in musical heaven I feel. Nice work guys.”

on “Flow Raw 2.0″, 11.12.11 (via SoundCloud):
“That percussion and bass rhythm is just first class. Then the
guitar happens and Jeez. A whole different element and one
hat works brilliantly. And then things just go stir crazy, in a
completely fitting way. Very creative and very enjoyable …”

– on “Blues Guitar vs. Blues Machine II”, 9.12.11(SoundCloud):
“Maybe I’m just wired up wrong, but I love this to bits.
Reminds me of three-thirthy am in a smoky backroom in
Louisiana with more whiskey than I can handle haha
Excellent work. Really evocative for me and stuff to slowly
nod my broken head to Well done.”

Avzal Tigerheart/Ismail, Pretoria / South Africa, 26.12.11:
“Not only is Axel Weiss a brilliant musician but he is an
artist of note … Check out his work … ” (fb music)

Tracie Castle-Mcdade, Salt Lake City / USA – on “Outer
Space – extended”, 21.11.2011 (via facebook):
“I have watched this video over and over again Axel!
Your guitar work is mesmerizing! And your art is so
beautiful! The color schemes are so pleasing and my
favorite color schemes, the blues and earth tones, reds,
whites and blacks… I just LOVE ALL of it!! Thank you!! ””

Manolo Badrena, New York City / USA, 9/2011:
“WOW AXEL!! Amazing work sir, Deutschland number one!!”

Helena Paglia & Quique Cano, Montevideo / Uruguay, 8/2011:
“… listening to your music,we have a feeling of peace and
pleasure in the depths of our souls … your musical and artistic
work is fantastic …thank you for creating such beautiful
things and help with your art to make the world a better
place to live.”

Mike Johnson, Palm Springs, CA / USA, 5/2011 (via “The Jazz Network Worldwide”)

“Axel … Love your music! It is original, unique, and fresh!
It is expansive encompassing many genres! I will work to
your music because I love hearing it! Stay your path …
you are one Gifted Artist!!!”

Helena Paglia & Quique Cano, Montevideo / Uruguay, 5/2011:
“Dear friends, we love your sound in trio! Little Things is really
wonderful, Oddrun you sing everyday better! Axel, your work
on guitar is fantastic, so creative…and Arne brings sensuality
and exellence with his magical trumpet! … Thanks for your
beautiful music and PLEASE,KEEP MAKING MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Unni Skurdal, Hedmark / Norwegen, 12/2010
“‘Oceanic Spheres II with your sensitive wand of guitar and
Oddruns voice … the most utterly work of music I’ve ever heard.
Thank you so much, dear Axel. You get my mind and heart
sparkle ! “

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / Indien, 12/2010
“Oceanic Spheres …. A perfect symphony of nature.. It is pure
ecstasy to be welcomed by the galloping waves swaying to
your wonderful music and Oddrun’s exquisite voice. Your free
flow rendition truly reflects the vagaries and power of the
ocean in an harmonious duet with the other elements..
Thanks for gifting us the Ocean.”

Helena Paglia / Quique Cano, Montevideo / Uruguay, 12/2010
“… We want to thank you for sharing your new wonderful song,
your guitar work is very creative and masterfully done. We love
the arrangements, GREAT! And the voice of Oddrum is awesome,
so pure,so magical! Thanx,i t’s a real pleasure for our ears and
souls! Each sound goes perfectly with the video! Congrats!”

Irene Enghardt, Amsterdam / Netherlands, 12/2010
“I just listened to the new song Oceanic
It is indeed in a way very complicated piece of music,
but very beautifully executed and so intriguing. The
middle section with the electric guitar sort of changes
the atmosphere completey before returning to the duet
between that guitar and voice, where as always I hear
that “touch of Brasil”..beautiful acoustic guitarwork too.”

Werner Büsch / Music and Art Ensemble, 12/2010
“… Das neue Stück OCEANIC SPHERES ist … göttlich:
Oddruns Stimme, deine Gitarre – besonders die E-Gitarre
im Mittelteil – und das sonnig sommerliche Video dazu.
Zur Zeit mein Lieblingssong.”

Arne Hiorth, Oslo / Norwegen, 9/2010
“EXCELLENT guitar playing! You have something going
now…..keep it up!”

Phutupap, Wells / Großbritannien, 9/2010
“Your new track with Oddrun is a great collaboration. You
harmonise wonderfully and so tastefully. Congratulations.”

Massimo Berizzi, Treviso / Italien, 9/2010
“Axel! Beautiful guitar and beautiful voice – great song!”

Helena Paglia / Quique Cano, Montevideo / Uruguay, 9/2010
“We loved the new track with our dear Oddrun! Very nice
harmony and a great rhythmic work! Fine style!”

Zorzum et sa Roots Machine, Frankreich, 9/2010
“La vidéo “Outer space is the place” a véritablement sa
place dans l’espace ! Nous devrions l’envoyer comme
message intergalactique à travers les univers dans une
sonde pour qu’une éventuelle vie extra-terrestre puisse se
faire une idée de l’humanité .C’est une bonne carte de
visite pour nous autres terriens. J’ai pris un grand plaisir
à l’écouter et à te voir avec ton ami fabriquer du son.”

Unni Skurdal, Hedmark / Norwegen, 9/2010
“‘Outer Space is the Place’. Absolutely wonderful!!
A source for an open mind. Love & Light & Peace.”

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / Indien, 9/2010
“Outer Space is the Place.. Sublime..!! Exalted music
and astounding visuals. Truly out of this world.. Stretching
the final frontiers ….I am lost in space.. And I don’t wish to
find my way back! “

Loops and Bridges, Oslo / Norwegen, 9/2010
“Heavenly and monumental outer space. A honour to
freedom. Beautiful guitar and sound, the film is unreal
and true. AMAZING …”

MCGRIZ Productions, (Johnny Mac), Waterbury / USA, 7/2010:
“As I was sifting through the thousands upon thousands of artists on
ReverbNation, this page caught my eye. Artist, painter, jazz guitarist:
this could either be really cool or completely horrible.
Gladly, this fell heavily into the cool side of the spectrum. Many other
unfortunate forays into this genre of music seem at times to be nothing
more than a series of notes randomly flung against the listener’s ear-
drums to see what sticks. Weiss’s music, on the other hand, feels like
a living, breathing organism seeping through the speakers.
Each piece has a deep sense of meaning and direction to it, and it’s
sensational to sit back and let it whirl around you and draw you in.
Suggested Tracks: “FlowRaw”, “Precious Energy”

Deborah Pira, Aiken (SC) / USA, 7/2010
“You are extremely talented! I became a fan because I love the music.
I just looked at the art work!…Wow! “

Low Society, New York (NY) / USA, 7/2010
“Wow!! Blues Guitar vs Blues Machine is a polytonal masterpiece!”

David Lee, Mad Beach (FL) / USA, 7/2010
“Very hip guitar work, AW. Keep up the good work.”

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / Indien, 7/2010
“Wow .. Flow Raw .. Enlivening.. Raw Energy ..
It shook me up and invigorated me..Thanks..”

Oddrun Eikli (“Loops & Bridges”), Oslo / Norwegen, 6/2010
“I have been listening to you a lot, on myspace and are now
listening your page in ReverbNation. You are a great guitarplayer!!!!!
Your energymusic and the way you play your guitar, is a inspiration
for me in my own work. And our coop. in ” Precious Energy” is for
me … pure joy! Music is Magic … and you are living that yourself.”

Werner Nieke, Wessling / Deutschland, 6/2010:
“Das ist mal richtig erfrischend mutig und gelegentlich auch
“unpolished” – so “muss” es sein! Bravo!”

Joani Taylor, Vancouver / Canada, 6/2010:
“This is RAW!!!!!!!!!! This is what I want to hear. Hell Yeah!”

Veronica Jones, Liverpool / Großbritannien, 6/2010
“Brilliant Axel, you’ve got great tone and you articulate
wonderfully, my friend, very inspiring, jazz guitarist myself
… impressive work. Keeping it 17/8 time”

Anuradha Padmanabhan, Bangalore / Indien, 6/2010
“Your music is really innovative and refreshing…
It truly reflects the Flow of the Moment …”

Music and Art Ensemble, Emsdetten / Deutschland, 6/2010:
“WOODEN WATER FLOW… Axel man, das ist genial, die Gitarre
und die visuelle Umsetzung! Traumhaft, du bist ein Meister …”

Helena Paglia & Quique Cano, Montevideo / Uruguay, 5/2010:
“‘Precious Energy’ is wonderful,very sweet! We loved it!
Thanx for your music!”

Andrea Veltroni, Rom / Italien, 5/2010
“I’ve listened to all your tunes and I find that falls is beautiful!
I like very much even voododoll and tomorrow and of course the
track in witch I can hear the enchanting voice of my great friend
Oddrun! Very honored from Roma”

Oddrun Eikli (“Loops & Bridges”), Oslo / Norwegen, 5/2010:
“Energy for my Friends” is a fantastic track!! It’s pure happy energy!!
I love it! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful energy music
with us all.”

Music and Art Ensemble, Emsdetten / D., 5/2010:
“I love your kick ass killer guitar AX! ROCK ON!”

Kiko Sandin, Salamanca / Spanien, 5/2010:
“Ethereal soundscapes coming from your Voodoo Doll, that guitar
sounding almost like a bossanova and turning to nowhere, another
piece of art! You did a great work in “Voodoo Doll”. It’s obvious you’re
not a beginner! Keep on scratching those strings!”

Franck57, Sarreguemines / Frankreich, 5/2010:
“Dein neues Stück ist voll Energy, du bist wirklich ein super Gitarrenspieler
Ich hoffe, daß wir eines Tages zusammen spielen werden konnen!!!!!

Werner Büsch (“Music and Art Ensemble”), Emsdetten / D., 5/2010
“Daumen hoch … das ist mal was anderes, was man auf deinem player
hört … free form acid Jazz & Blues. GEIL – wie wir jungen Leute sagen.
You guy keep me totally insane!”

Oddrun Eikli (“Loops & Bridges”), Oslo / Norwegen, 4/2010:
“Your “Outer Space” is amazing!!!! Respect, Oddrun”


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